One of the most often asked question:
will you do a custom mockup for me?

The anwser is yes! But with a few ground rules.

When it’s done you will need to buy it from our store for a regular price.

It can’t be rushed even with additional payment. Note that sometimes it may take longer than this.

For example I will not make Coca-cola bottle.

Photos need to be without perspective distortion. If packaging have irregular shape I need side, top and bottom photos as well.

If you have acces to technical drawing of your packaging it will help too. It can even reduce time that I need to create your mockup.

It means that I won’t make packaging mockup that is lying on the ground. I will not make high top angles, few sides etc. I know that sometimes you may need such view, but I want to keep my mockups consistent.

If you will send me a list of mockups to make I`ll just pass with it. I have a lot of requests per week and I just cant accept making few mockups for just one customer.

… so send me all the info I need, before I start working on your mockup. Making your request is just a courtesy service, so it would be great if we could respect each other’s time.

Please send your request on requests@smartymockups.com mail. Requests that will be send on all other mails will be ignored. I will let you know if we are going to make it in a couple of days.

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