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General issues

Once you buy our mockup you will receive two links. One with the print material you bought, and the second one with the background images.

Both are zip files, so in order to use them you will have to unzip them.

In order to use our mockups you will have to use Adobe Photoshop software. It is quite possible that some other editing program will work too, but we can’t promise this.

For the purpose of this guide we will work on bi-fold leaflet mockup, but this help will work on all other print material mockups.

How to use our mockups

Inserting project

How to use our mockups

Inserting your own project into mockup is an essential thing to do, that is why we made this option super easy.

Above all layers you will find Smart Objects. In order to change project that is inside them you have to double click on it and paste your own design. It’s that simple!

You can also design your own project in Smart Object but we don’t reccomend it. It is best to design your layout in separate file and only copy it into Smart Object.

Customizing background

In order to customize background you have to expand layer group with this name.

How to use our mockups

Background color
To change background color, just double click on color rectangle next to the name “Background color” and choose the color you want. That’s it! But lets change something more.

Shadow color
Sometimes it may be a good idea to change a shadow color. Especially when you will use background texture. Default color may be a little to weak, and if you will make it stronger (darker) it may looks better.

Example of background color for leaflet mockup

Inserting background texture

Background example for our print mockup

To change background texture you have to enable “Background texture” group – by default it’s visibilty is turned off.

How to use our mockups

As you expand it, you will see two layers. One with directional light and the second one is Smart Object with texture.

How to use our mockups

Note that only enabling “Background light” layer can dramatically change how does your mockup looks.

You can change the opacity of the layer, and controll the strenght of this effect.

Using our texture

When you bought our mockup, you received two files: one with the mockup itself and the second one with the texture images. After you extract the textures you will see two folders:

Folders with images and pattern for mockup

Enter the “Pattern” folder, and double click on Photoshop Pattern preset file. It will upload all background images into Photoshop.

Go back to Photoshop, and double click on the “Background texture” Smart Object layer. You`ll see empty gray layer. Double click on the name of the layer and the Layer Style window will popup.

Choose Pattern Overlay tab, and from here you can choose any texture you want.

We recommend to use the textures that you downloaded from us. Every texture is seamless – it means that you can control its scale. It’s very likely that you will want to play this value a little bit. Every texture will need different scale factor.

Background scale example

Example of your own texture in mockup

Using your own textures

Of course you may want to use your own texture images. Instead of using Layer Style window just paste your image into the “Background Texture” Smart Object, and that’s it.

Remember that you will need decent resolution images, otherwise it may look a little blurry.

Note. Remeber to desaturate and lighten your texture images a bit. Our mockup uses saturation and contrast presets, so without decressing saturation and contrast it may look little bit over saturated.

Special effects

Special effects are pre made color presets that adds magical and cool effects to your mockup.

To use them just expand the “Effects” group and turn on the effect you want. Remember that you can mix them together to achieve spectacular look.

Especially “Vignete” effect may looks great with other presets.

How to use special effects in print mockups

Special effects in action

Highlights layer

When you expand “Mockup” group layer, above all layers you will see Highlights mask. Thanks to this layer, mockup has more depth and contrast.

We have tried to set this layer as best as it can be, but sometimes it may need a little adjusments. When you will use dark or black projects in your mockup it may be a good idea to strengthen this layer.

If it’s opacity is set to 100% then select layers mask (second thumbnail) click CTRL (CMD) + L and Levels window will popup. Increase the whites to desired level.

It is best to experiment with these values as different projects may need different aproach.

Highlight layer in our mockup explained

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